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Hello I'm Jorge! I'm 17, Gay, and I live in Wisconsin. Republican.
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no matter what you’re good at there will be a 7 year old chinese kid who’s better


*on the phone with police after reporting a murder* no you hang up first


Hey @legalmexican


the first person to die was probably like “dude what”

Anonymous said:
Its definitely worth it. i went on a trip to D.C with my school and it was so much fun. Also my trip cost thousands because of the distance, so be thankful its only 678.

I’m so interested in going!! It’d be like $100 dollars less but we have to go to a journalism convention


did you know that “friends” stands for:

  • feebee
  • rachel
  • it’s joey
  • everyone is friends
  • nonica
  • dross
  • shandler
Anonymous said:
pls cutie pls post a pic of your butt i wanna masturbate seeing it hehe :3




When ur in the dark and can’t find the hole


$678 for a 3 day trip to Washington D.C for school!! Is it worth it? I’ve always wanted to go there.


Tumblr has given me a perfect sense of humour that’s shared by nobody at school

Anonymous said:
hmm I wanna a see a pic of your butt, can I?



Don’t fake an orgasm for a guy, let him know his dick game weak as hell

Anonymous said:
i guess you have a nice butt, do u?

maybe so 


when ur friends have inside jokes u dont understandimage